Arts Reviews


Kenneth Clark: Looking for Civilisation

Art Belongs to the People: Ashmolean Museum

A Dialogue with Nature: Courtauld Gallery

Matter and Memory: Group Show at Alison Jacques Gallery

 Tender: Charlie Billingham at Ceri Hand 

The Charnel House: Tom De Freston at Breese Little Gallery

Drifting Through Frieze

Half Street: Liu Xiaodong at Lisson Gallery

Generation: Tereza Stehlíková and Rosalyn Driscoll at GV Gallery

Fashion Show: Robert Mapplethorpe at Alison Jacques Gallery

This is Your Photo: Mass Observation at The Photographers Gallery

‘Give A Man a Mask and He’ll Tell you the Truth’: George Catlin and the Indians at Birmingham Museum

A Dance to the Music of Time’: Conrad Shawcross at The Roundhouse

A Dialogue: Word. Sound. Power at Tate Modern

Cob and Guts: In Dreams at The Cob Gallery

Collecting Gauguin: Samuel Courtauld at Somerset House

Looking (Again): Superpaintings at Transition Gallery

Walls: Miranda Donovan at The Outsiders Gallery

Breaking the Frame: Saloua Raouda Choucair at Tate Modern


Arts Interviews


A Question of Science: In Conversation  with Hannah Redler

Be not Inhospitable to Strangers Lest they be Strangers in Disguise’: Sylvia Beach and Shakespeare and Company

With Mechanisms in Mind: Conrad Shawcross

Bright Young Things: The Gallerist– Megan Piper

Beautifying the Beautiful– The Art of Looking Sideways: Kathy Dalwood

Revel, Riot and Rebellion: The Art Car boot

When the Make Believe is Through: James Elphik and The Make Believe Festival

Anyone for Fish Pie?: Colossal Crumbs

Why Stay East?: An Interview with Tinsel Edwards



Arts Essays


The Moment as Movement: An Investigation into the Collaborative Arts Scene Part 1

An ABC of Aesthetics: The Rise of the Live Art Screening

In Defense of Art

Out For a Duck: When Culture Becomes Capital

But It’s Not Porn: The Aesthetics of Desire



Fashion and Lifestyle


The New Nostalgics: A Revival of Vintage Culture

Me and Mrs Jones: An Interview with Fee Doran

Mapping Mindfulness: An Introduction to Alternative Beauty